UNICEF Issues Guidance On How To Secure Mental Health Of Children As School Starts

 UNICEF Issues Guidance On How To Secure Mental Health Of Children As School Starts

Coming off a vacation, students will need time to adjust. That is the normal recourse at times when they enjoy their break. This year, it will be quite different. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced some to take an unscheduled break while others went on extensive vacation. Aside from being timid, some kids are headed back to school with a bit of fear on the side. As most know, the coronavirus is still in the air and cases of young people contracting it are slowly happening.

It won’t be the same for kids heading back to schools. Many dub it as the new normal and this includes needing to wear protective gear aside from their usual uniforms. That includes faces masks and gloves. They also cannot gather in large groups and need to keep their distance. They also need to exercise proper hygiene at all times and avoid touching public surfaces as much as possible. So how does a parent or guardian condition the mind of a student as he or she goes back to school?

UNICEF provided some interesting suggestions to help in properly conditioning the minds of kids heading back to schools. The fact that they have to adhere to guidelines is a cause of worry for them, something that may distract their level of focus in learning.

Parental guidance will be key here. It all boils down to properly explaining to them why such is needed. Like in wearing face masks, which could hinder their usual playing or running, just explain to them that this is only temporary. It is necessary for now to keep everyone protected to make sure that they are armed against the virus. Some may even tell them that it is a fashion statement these days, one that could further encourage them.

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Now aside from that, kids may question why they have to follow certain protocols at schools. A good way to approach this is by reminding them how germs can affect a person’s health. Washing of hands is something most are advised to do even before the COVID-19. Aside from that, some videos explaining the effects of improper hygiene would help. There are plenty of videos of that online. For kids, finding the simplest video to show that will help. For the younger minds, finding ones with cartoons or animation would help pique their interest. Here is a sample video ideal for kids.

There are plenty of other things to consider as kids try to cope up with the new normal. Parents need to monitor their progress closely as much as they can and make sure that lines are open. If they observe something different, try to talk to them about it. It is a delicate process but something anyone can cope with after some time.

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