Massachusetts Coronavirus Update: Recovered Cases Surpass 93,000

 Massachusetts Coronavirus Update: Recovered Cases Surpass 93,000

COVID-19 cases continue to surge but the good news is that there are parts of the world who have also seen a rise in recoveries. One of them is Massachusetts. Based on the latest reports from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, 1,753 people have now recovered from the coronavirus as of Wednesday.

In a report from WCVB, 93,517 patients have been released from being isolated and are considered recovered. This is a significant rise from the last week’s update, which was at 91,404.

But even with the number of recoveries, COVID-19 deaths are still coming in. There were 28 additional deaths reported, appending the state total to 8,081. As far as confirmed cases, 261 new and probable coronavirus cases shot up the total to 109,143. DPH started reporting probable causes last June 1. Of the 104 new cases reported Wednesday, none fell into the probable category. The 5,127 are tied to long-term care facilities.

As far as hospitalizations, there were 760 patients reported in Massachusetts. The 123 who were dealing with the virus and placed in intensive care have recovered.

Mass testing efforts continue to increase as well. An additional 10,019 tests have shot up the number of COVID-19 testing to 1,079,648 as of this writing. Looking at the weighted average of the state’s positive test rate, there was a significant decline seen. From 16.8 percent reported on May 1, it has dramatically gone down to 1.8 percent.

As far as the breakdown of confirmed cases, Middlesex County had the most number of cases with 23,998. Suffolk County followed them with 19,853 cases.

So far, 23,458 residents and health care workers at long-term care facilities have been afflicted by the coronavirus in the state. Roughly 369 facilities have reported at least one case of COVID-19, the Boston Herald reported.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that people wear face masks in public spaces to help reduce the risk of spreading the novel coronavirus, especially in closed spaces like grocery stores, clinics, and hospitals. Pixabay

The latest numbers are part of the 2.6 million cases that the United States is dealing with right now. The figures are the most number of cases in the world right now. Roughly 127,000 Americans have died while 720,000 have recovered after dealing with the COVID-19 strain.

Worldwide, there are about 10.5 million confirmed cases. There have been 512,000 deaths while 5.3 million have recovered from the coronavirus.

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