How To Celebrate Fourth Of July Safely Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

 How To Celebrate Fourth Of July Safely Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

Fourth of July is coming, but the coronavirus pandemic is here to stay. For years, most of us have been celebrating the holiday with fireworks shows, cookouts and beach vacations. But we won’t be able to do those things easily this year with the COVID-19 outbreak.

Experts are warning against gathering together since the virus could easily be transmitted from person to person. It’s worth noting that many businesses have decided to shut down recently because of the spike in  cases following the easing of lockdowns.

In June, many places witnessed a surge in transmissions, with authorities claiming that it could be due to the celebrations that took place on Memorial Day weekend when lockdowns were lifted in many states.

But if you are still thinking of celebrating the weekend with a bang this year, then you might want to consider the tips that CNBC shared on how to enjoy the Fourth of July holiday safely.

The first tip is to follow the precautionary measures authorities imposed since the start of the outbreak. Don’t forget to wear a mask and practice good hand hygiene if you are stepping out to spend some time in public places. Face mask will not only protect you from possible transmission but will also protect the people around you, according to Dr. Joshua Barocas, assistant professor and infectious disease physician at Boston University School of Medicine.

If you intend to socialize with other people on the Fourth of July, it would be wise to do so outside where there’s more airflow. This way, respiratory droplets can easily disperse. However, you shouldn’t forget to keep at least six feet of physical distance from other people.

Should there be cookouts, you should remember to not share your food with other people. This may sound like a bad thing, but this is for the best so that you can prevent transmission of the coronavirus. Be sure to bring your own utensils and drinks.

You should also skip crowded places like beaches and pools. Places with a high density of people would be the perfect venue for the virus to spread. It would also be hard to maintain social distancing in these places because many people would simply want to let loose and enjoy themselves.

Finally, if you can, just celebrate Fourth of July with your loved ones or the people who live with you inside your home. This is the best way to safely enjoy the occasion since you won’t need to interact with other people who may be carriers of the dreaded coronavirus.

4th of july fireworks Michael Ostendorp, CC BY-ND 2.0

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