As Fishermen Flounder, Trump Clears A Path For Farming The

Kindra Arnesen still had her baby teeth when she started working on the docks in Plaquemine Parish, a spindrift of land kicked southeastward off the Louisiana boot tip into the Gulf of Mexico. Family troubles made home an unwelcome place. But with fishermen, many of whom had hauled shrimp and almaco jack from the Gulf […]Read More

Got Vacation Time? You Should Use It, Especially Now.

You need a vacation, even though you can’t really go anywhere. The world is reeling from a public health crisis; the global economy is tanking. If you still have a job, you’re either going to work in the middle of a pandemic or stuck at home, still trying to work ― and you’re probably working […]Read More

Hertz Files For Bankruptcy As Car Rentals Decline In The

  Hertz said in a U.S. court filing on Friday that it voluntarily filed for Chapter 11 reorganization. Its international operating regions including Europe, Australia and New Zealand were not included in the U.S. proceedings. The firm, whose largest shareholder is billionaire investor Carl Icahn, is reeling from government orders restricting travel and requiring citizens to […]Read More

How Weight Watchers Fired Workers Via Zoom, The New Cruel

Weight Watchers employees were busier than ever these past few months, as the coronavirus pandemic heightened eating issues for many people ― from those locked down at home obsessing over what to eat, to essential workers turning to food for comfort and to soothe anxieties. A doctor who spent her days tending to COVID-19 patients, […]Read More

One Way To Protect Workers In A Pandemic: Make It

Donte Martin authored an illuminating as-told-to essay for The Washington Post last week about working in a grocery store during the pandemic. Martin, a front-end manager at a Giant in Silver Spring, Maryland, explained how the coronavirus has rendered customers he’s always loved a health threat. Many shoppers ignore the policies meant to protect workers […]Read More

Facebook Expects Half Of Its Workforce To Be Remote By

Facebook is expecting to move half of its workforce to work-from-home positions within the next five to 10 years, Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg announced to the staff Thursday. In a live-streamed video on his public page, Zuckerberg said that Facebook would be shifting most of the open positions at the company to remote work. The […]Read More