Darwin Malicdem

New Study Finds Most Effective Material For Your DIY Face

Public health officials recommend that people wear non-medical, fabric masks in public places to help reduce the risk of COVID-19. That could help prevent an infected person from releasing droplets into the air and exposing others to the coronavirus. Now, researchers found the material that offers the best protection and can be easily used for […]Read More

40% Of People In US Believe The Worst Of The

There are now more than 2.6 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the U.S. and health experts warned that the number will continue to grow. However, to many Americans the worst of the pandemic is already behind them. Pew Research Center asked 4,708 adults in the U.S. about their perspectives on the coronavirus outbreak in […]Read More

Global COVID-19 Cases Climb To Over 10 Million But ‘Worst

There are already more than 10.6 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 globally and the figure is expected to continue to grow. The World Health Organization (WHO) said the world is still far from the worst part of the pandemic and some countries are already failing to control the coronavirus.  WHO officials said at a recent […]Read More

How To Efficiently Lose The Weight You Gained While In

Unplanned weight gain has been one of the growing issues amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The forced isolation, closing of gyms and limited time to do groceries led many people to an unhealthy lifestyle with poor diet and less exercise. But many parts of the U.S. and other countries recently started to slowly reopen. That means […]Read More

Parenting Advice: How To Help Your Young Child Understand The

The increasing cases of COVID-19 comes with growing stress and anxiety that can also affect children. It is important to help younger people understand sudden changes around them to avoid problems with their physical and mental health.  The isolation, physical distancing and restricted time outdoors can be confusing and unsettling to kids. There have been […]Read More

Swimming For Weight Loss: Does It Work?

It is important to stay physically active amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Exercise plays an important role during these challenging times when people need a stronger immune system and a way to avoid sudden weight gain.  One activity that has been getting little attention but could provide many benefits is swimming. It works as both a […]Read More