Charmaine Lastimosa

Georgia Dog Becomes Second Canine COVID-19 Case In US

The novel coronavirus is also not sparing pet animals. Apparently, authorities have identified the second case of a dog contracting COVID-19 in the U.S.. The Georgia Department of Public Health announced on Wednesday (July 1) that a local dog has tested positive for the virus recently. The 6-year-old mixed breed canine tested positive but did […]Read More

Sunflower Seeds Health Benefits That Will Surprise You

Eating sunflower seeds could be tedious and laborious. You’d have to crack them open first with your mouth, spit them out and eat what’s inside of the shells. However, you might want to continue cracking more sunflower seeds from now on since an expert has just revealed the different health benefits of eating these seeds. […]Read More

Does Eating Bread Make You Gain Weight?

For the longest time, many people believe that eating bread could lead to weight gain. But nutritionists are now debunking this notion, saying that bread won’t necessarily add a few pounds to your weight. Insider recently spoke with the experts to find out if bread is really fattening. And they clarified that people do not […]Read More

Exercising On An Empty Stomach: What Experts Think

Intermittent fasting is all the rage these days as more and more celebrities have sworn by this diet. It also helps that some research has already established its health benefits and its positive effect on weight management. However, diet alone is not the secret to fitness. It should always be coupled with regular exercise. Interestingly, […]Read More