A roti like no other

 A roti like no other

Last August when I had a chance to visit Narathiwat, I went to a morning market in the city. While strolling along a small alley, I could smell something nice. A-yoh aka John, the owner of a food stall was cooking omelette mixed with minced chicken on an iron roti pan. His daughter standing nearby was his assistant.

While the omelette was cooking, he sliced a thick bread almost in half and grilled it on one side of the pan and applied margarine on top. When the egg began to set, he put the bread on top of the omelette and when the egg thickened, he flipped it over and moved it to one side of the pan. Then, his daughter added vegetables including sliced onion, cabbage and a leaf of Batavia lettuce. Chilli sauce, ketchup and mayonnaise were also added before serving.

He called his food roti, which is totally different from typical roti I’ve seen and eaten.

When I asked him why his roti was unique, he smiled and said: “You can’t find anything like this anywhere else. I created this menu and it’s delicious so I sell it. People like it too.”

When the A-yoh’s roti was ready to serve, his daughter folded the bread in half and wrapped it in paper — roti style.

I tried one roti which cost only 25 baht. It tasted good and goes well with either a cup of coffee or tea.

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